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When it comes to choosing your dentures, there is a great deal to consider. It’s important to find a solution that is right for your situation. Dentures are something you will have to wear and use every day, so it’s vital to find the style that empowers you to do everything you need to do.

Below, we’ll look over the differences between traditional and flexible dentures, so you can make the right choice for your lifestyle.

Traditional Dentures

Replacing the teeth of one or both jaws, traditional dentures (otherwise known as acrylic dentures) stay in place via passive retention. This means that the dentures are moulded to your gum shape and are held in place via a good, well-formed fit. It is often the case when the fit is not right that dentures will rub the gums and cause discomfort.

Made from hard-wearing acrylic, traditional dentures offer a comprehensive, natural-looking solution for those seeking a replacement for one or both rows of teeth. Traditional dentures are a good solution for restoring looks and confidence, with good quality dentures able to handle most foods.

Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures, unlike a traditional option, are meant as a partial replacement only. Made from robust, nylon-based materials, they are an alternative for partial tooth loss. If you still have some strong teeth, flexible dentures can be an ideal choice for restoring looks and self-confidence.

As their name might suggest, flexible dentures adjust with the movements of your mouth, making for a natural-looking solution to partial tooth loss and affording you all the confidence and freedom you need.

Lightweight, flexible dentures can be easier to adapt to for many people than traditional dentures. This is partly due to the fact that you still have some of your original teeth, so the learning curve for using them is not nearly as steep. Another reason for the popularity of flexible dentures lies in the fact that many wearers find them more comfortable to use than traditional options, with no heavy presence on the palette and no chance of uncomfortable rubbing.

Flexible dentures are easy to insert and remove, with a good cast meshing perfectly with your existing teeth. They are also ideal if you find traditional dentures difficult – or even impossible – to wear, as flexible dentures flex and move with your gums and teeth, not against them.

Flexible dentures offer a comfortable and adaptive solution, with the added benefits of looking great and restoring confidence.

If you’re thinking about flexible dentures, get in touch with us today. Our friendly staff can help guide you to a comfortable and long-lasting solution.

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