Your dental health and appearance are important to us, here at JB Denture Clinic, as we understand that a healthy smile can help your confidence and forge a better life.

This blog post will look at the most common denture issues and why they might happen. We will also talk about remedies and how JB Denture Clinic offers quick and comprehensive repairs. This blog aims to help you maintain your dentures, as well as where you can turn when you do need a replacement or repair.

Denture repair

Your dentures become a part of who you are; that is why we have qualified dental technicians and a laboratory where we can carry out high-quality denture repair effectively and quickly.

Denture damage

Dentures can become weak over time, which leads to breakage which then results in your dentures no longer fitting your mouth correctly. Common issues stem from gum shrinkage and a change in shape. Dentures are also prone to suffer from daily wear and tear through chewing and talking, and this can result in weaker dentures.

Common denture issues

Even though dentures perform like natural teeth, they aren’t as strong as your natural teeth, which is why they can break. Other reasons why dentures break is because too much pressure is applied, when this happens do not attempt to fix them yourself, instead, have a professional repair them.

If you find that you are experiencing any form of discomfort when you are wearing your denture, including looseness or pressure on your gums, then you should see a denture specialist.

Another common issue that might arise is inflammation of your gums, bleeding and raw spots, and these issues indicate that your dentures are irritating your gums.

Bad breath is also an issue you might face if your dentures are not being adequately maintained, or your dentures have unseen cracks or chips where odours can linger.

What you can do

When you damage your dentures, you might be tempted to repair your dentures at home; however, this can make the issues worse. When you notice any of the problems mentioned in this blog post, or you are experiencing any discomfort with your dentures, you can contact a member of our team.

You can call our Bath Clinic on 01225 311 681 or our Bristol Clinic on 0117 967 9202 to book your free consultation regarding your denture repair.

At JB Denture Clinic we offer a friendly free consultation to all our patients, this gives us the chance to see the health of your gums and find out exactly what you are looking for.