Denture Repair: How to know when you need it

Your dental health and appearance are important to us, here at JB Denture Clinic, as we understand that a healthy smile can help your confidence and forge a better life. This blog post will look at the most common denture issues and why they might happen. We will also talk about remedies and how JB […]

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The Freedom Dentures can Offer

Gum disease, tooth decay and injuries that cause teeth to fall out are all common causes of lost teeth. When you lose a tooth or your teeth, you also lose a part of yourself. Your confidence might decrease and slowly but surely, your smile begins to fade. People begin to comment, how you never smile […]

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Implant Supported Dentures: What you need to know

Implant supported dentures is a dentistry technique that combines both dentures and implants. When you have a regular denture fitted, this is simply fitted to the gums and will sit in place and can be removed. An implant supported denture is used when the patient doesn’t have any natural teeth in their jaw but there […]

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Living with Dentures

Dentures have evolved considerably from what they once were, and people of all ages are now seeing the benefits of using them. As a new denture wearer, you might be wondering how to best care for your dentures, how they should be cleaned and best cared for. Good denture care and maintenance can prolong their […]

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Dentures. Exploring the Misconceptions

Denture Myths: Exploring the Misconceptions

If you have been considering dentures to fill those missing gaps in your teeth or you need a full set of dentures you may be worried about the myths and concerns that are out there. In this article we will look at some of the most common misconceptions about dentures so you can put your […]

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